Domestic & Commercial Solar PV

Turn light into power

Domestic Solar PV.

Turn light into power! Once you have invested in Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV) you will become your own little power station generating electricity to use in your home. This will reduce you electric bills for many years to come, future proofing yourself against ever increasing energy bills.

Solar PV helps support your electric demand. Buy some plug timers for when you are out so you can use the power you generate.

You can also store the electricity you generate in a battery storage system then use the electric at any time becoming a more sustainable home.

Sell Unused Electricity.

You are also able to sell your unused electricity. You are better using the electric you generate than selling it as you save 16p / 17pper kWh which is better than selling the electric at a cheaper price. Or even store the energy to use yourself than sell it.



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